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The woman farm worker

The woman farm worker     sister         wife            mother, fighter Hands and face     brown and firm— like clay hardened in the sun Remember her as a soldier      honor her in her fight. . . The farm worker’s days were long       in […]

LRS Workshop on the Asian National Movements – Identity & Culture

Speech by Eddie Wong – November 27, 1981 In addition to meeting, planning and evaluating the political work in small groups called units, which were organized by work area, LRS members attended political education workshops. These workshops provided a vehicle for continual education and a chance to apply a Marxist-Leninist outlook to current issues. This […]

Dr. King’s birthday and the Black struggle for democracy

The fact that Dr. King’s birthday is not a holiday is merely another example of the lack of equality Black people must suffer because they lack political power and self-determination. The communist supports the struggle for equality because it is another aspect of the whole democratic revolutionary struggle. AMIRI BARAKA The failure, traditionally, of large […]

Commemorate the 10th Chicano Moratorium!

Lucy Aguilar This August 30, thousands of people will march through East Los Angeles in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the great August 29, 1970, Chicano Moratorium. That day, 20,000 people — the largest gathering of Chicanos in history — pro­tested the oppression of Chicanos in the U.S. and the Viet Nam War. This year’s march is a salute to that past […]

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