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Not In My Backyard

Ohio community fights toxic waste incinerator Mark Prudowsky, Contributed WARREN, OHIO — A newly constructed waste incinerator — less than 900 feet from the homes and school yards of the 6th ward, the heart of this city’s African American community — threatens the health of residents of northeast Ohio. Constructed by Houston-based Browning & Ferris […]

Faithful Witnesses

Palestinian Children Recreate Their World  “Faithful Witnesses” is an exhibition of Palestinian children’s art collected from camps, villages, and cities on the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The project was conceived by Kamal Boullata, Suleiman Mansour and Tayseer Barakat, three prominent Palestinian artists, and sponsored by Roots, an American-Palestinian youth organization, and the League of Palestinian Artists.  Boullata, […]

L.A. teachers strike: ‘Stand and Deliver’

A victorious struggle for dignity and quality education Ed Gallegos LOS ANGELES — On May 25, the cav­ernous L.A. Sports Arena shook to the strains of “Solidarity Forever,” as thousands of teachers brought a victori­ous end to a ten-day strike that crippled the nation’s second-largest school district. By voice vote, members of the United Teachers […]

Alaska: The Great Oil Disaster

Stan Shikuma, contributed Prince William Sound on the southern coast of Alaska is one of the scenic wonders on earth, and home to a unique ecosystem teeming with hundreds of species of life. Snowcapped mountains ring a maze of inlets and islands. Sea otters, birds, and whales feast in steel blue waters, while deer and […]

Factories in the home

Garment workers testify against abusive conditions Mary Ann Helmann, Contributed LOS ANGELES — Sonia Galan sat in the living room of the small one-bedroom house she shares with her husband and 11-month-old daughter in the barrio of El Serena. Nearby were her daughter’s crib and a secondhand sewing machine. During much of her pregnancy and her […]

Super Barrio on his first U.S. tour

UNITY Interview Juan Sermeno Contributed Super Barrio Gomez is a living legend among Mexico’s poor. This masked hero, dressed in red leotard, tights and a gold cape, emerged from the ruins of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. As Super Barrio, an ex-wrestler and street vendor, puts it, “I step down from the ring to fight […]

Southeast Asian children massacred at Stockton school

Attack part of ongoing anti-Asian violence in San Joaquin County Nelson Nagai, Contributed STOCKTON—The people of Stockton, Cali­fornia, are still trying to piece together their world that suddenly came to an end at 11:43 a.m. on January 17. A lone gunman, Patrick Edward Purdy, 24, opened fire on a school yard full of chil­dren. Dressed […]

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas on Mexico’s future

Unity interviews popular democratic leader MEXICO CITY — Unity interviewed Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas here in late December. Not since his father was president in the 1930s has Mexico seen a mass mobilization like the one that took Cárdenas of the National Democratic Front (FDN) to the doors of the presidential palace last July. But in December, it was the ruling Institutional Revolutionary […]

Women Farm Workers in Matagalpa

EYEWITNESS REPORT Hammering out union’s response to Nicaragua’s economic problems Alan Ross, Contributed MATAGALPA PROVINCE, NICARAGUA — One September morning here, Unity got a glimpse of Nicaraguan democracy in action when 300 women farm workers gathered to discuss the union’s response to the country’s economic problems. Economic conditions are harsh right now, due to the contra war, the U.S. economic embargo, and historic underdevelopment. Sylvia […]

Drought & Reagan hit farmers hard

 Government farm policies are failing Merle Hansen, President, North American Farm Alliance, Contributed The grim countdown is on for tallying up the consequences of one of the most widespread and destructive droughts in our history. The drought touches every one of the 48 mainland states and a great deal of Canada. In many areas, much […]

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