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Reflections on El Mural de Esperanza Mural of Hope

Mercedes Jauregui Contributed I don’t know who did this painting, nor whose idea it was — what I do know is that it is a true work of art that encloses a sad but also brave reality about our people. Our people who valiantly cross the border putting everything aside. Some­ times risking life itself, […]

Hawaii’s people fight for land

Major victory in 15-year struggle at Ota Camp Joan Takano, contributed MAKIBAKA VILLAGE,  WAIPAHU,HAWAI‘I — “We saw the power of people united in the struggle.“People gotta learn to rely on the people, and learn not to be afraid,” said Pete Tagalog, leader of the Ota Camp residents, to Unity. He was talking about the long […]

Black women challenge the open shop in Mississippi

New victory in catfish union drive Peter Shapiro The 3,500 mainly Black women workers in Mississippi’s booming catfish industry are moving into the front ranks of the struggle for unionization and for equality and political power in the state. On August 4, the ConAgra plant in Isola became the third catfish plant in less than […]

Victory at Superior

Latino contract fight takes center stage Roberto Flores Contributed SAN FERNANDO, CALIF. — The 1,400 Latino workers at Superior Industries here are entering the final stage of their eight-year fight for a union contract. On May 26, nearly three years after workers voted for representation by United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 645, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) granted formal […]

Victory in Mexico Student Strike

Victory in Mexico student strike Unity interviews student leaders  (Translated from Spanish) Evaristo Garza_ On February 17, over 300,000 students at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) ended their strike, after winning a spectacular victory against restrictive educational reforms. “We want to guarantee the right of all to get an education” Unity asked Carlos Imaz, one of the University Student Council’s (CEU) negotiators with the administration, and Claudia Sheinbaum, […]

The Lynching of Fred Dube

The spirit of Howard Beach Comes to SUNY In a major assault on academic freedom, Zionist forces have been trying to get Professor E. Fred Dube fired from the Africana Studies Department of the State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook, since 1983, when an Israeli visiting professor, Selwyn Troen, falsely accused Dube of anti-Semitism. Dube […]

How to Skin a Catfish Company; Winds of change are blowing in Mississippi

Behind the union win by Black women in Mississippi The dramatic victory of a nine-month organizing drive at Delta Pride in Indianola in October by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) highlights a spreading movement for union recognition among Black workers in the state’s booming catfish processing industry. No state in the U.S. has […]

Liberty Bell or Ding-a-ling

Amiri Baraka NEWARK, N J. — For Board of Education President Charles Bell to criticize Executive Superintendent Eugene Campbell for the unsatisfactory state of the Newark school system, when Bell has been on the Board for over 15 years while Campbell has been superintendent for 2 years, is bizarre. Bell, of all people, should be more reflective and more self-critical, minimally, in such […]

Hospital workers say: “No two tier!”

Concessions threaten quality of patient care at Kaiser Denise Imura Contributed SAN FRANCISCO — Two Kaiser doctors rushed out to the picket line here November 10 trying to find an X-ray technician who could help save a patient’s life. With permission from her union representative, Marty Fong crossed her own picket line, performed the complicated […]

Attack On Newark Self-Determination

State government intervenes in local schools Amiri Baraka To read the message of New Jersey’s self-styled Minister of Bantu Education Saul Cooperman (NJ Commissioner of Education), his and Governor Kean’s racist attempts to take over school districts “that fail” is intended to do nothing but help the children in those failing districts. They present themselves as humanitarians striving to help […]

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