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Blood on the Plow

BLOOD ON THE PLOW: The Crisis in Family Farming

“We call for peace, parity and power to the people,” says North American Farm Alliance’s Merle Hansen.

Carl Davidson

This country’s farmland is fast becoming a major political battlefield.

On one side are hard-pressed family farmers — with growing numbers seeking alliances with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and other movements for social justice.

Death to Apartheid! Smash South African Fascism

Amiri Baraka The recent criminal attacks by the South African fascists on the African “frontline states” of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique not only indicate the desperation of the white supremacist regime, flouting international opinion in an arrogant Nazi-like fashion. The fact that this raid uses Reagan’s Hitler-like attacks on Libya as a justification, […]

The People Smash Gibson in Newark

Amiri Baraka Editor’s note: On May 13, Newark City Councilman Sharpe James scored a major victory over 16-year incumbent Mayor Kenneth Gibson. James won the mayoral contest with 31,000 votes to Gibson’s 22,000 votes.  James won in all five of Newark’s wards, knocking Gibson out in his traditional strongholds. Two other candidates received about 5% of the vote. NEWARK, N.J. — Bourgeois newspapers, never a standard of truth or […]

Irvington Killer Cops Invade Newark

Racist cop Paterno kills Black youth Amiri Baraka Newark, n.j. — The illegal racist-inspired invasion of Newark streets by Irvington killer cops which ended in the murder of 17-year-old Michael Harris of Newark must be forcefully opposed and the killer brought to justice! In response Newark Police Director Knox made a strong statement regarding the historically demonstrated white supremacy mentality of the […]

The fight to save the Teamsters union

Why upper and lower strata Teamsters need an alliance Mark Johnson Contributed Eight years ago the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) was the most powerful union in the country. Today, as it prepares for its 23rd International Convention in Las Vegas May 19, the 1.6 million-member IBT is in trouble. Membership has fallen 20% since […]

For equality, living wages and respect: Women changing society ’86

International Women’s Day 1986 This International Women’s Day 1986 finds millions of women struggling for equality, for a livable wage, for respect and dignity. Never before has the very future of so many struggles and causes been so intertwined with the cause of women’s equality. The problems in the U.S. economy in the last dozen […]

Latino Workers Beat Soup King

FLOC’s 7-year Campbell’s boycott pays off By Peter Shapiro – “It’s a move toward self-determination, a chance for a group of poor people to have control over the conditions of their lives.” So said Victor Amram-Odriazola, organizer for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), following FLOC’s historic three-way union contract with Campbell’s Soup and the […]

A year since the Bumpurs’ murder

“The law doesn’t stand for us . . . All I want is some justice, and I’m in this battle till the very end. We have to keep it going so people don’t forget, because just like it was my mother, it could have been someone else’s mother.” —Mary Bumpurs Modibo BRONX, N Y—This October […]

Unity Interviews Watsonville Leaders

Strikers in Watsonville feel stronger day by day By Oscar Rios The 2,000 striking workers of Watsonville Canning and Richard Shaw, Inc. have been out on strike now since September 9. What is at stake are the gains won through years of hard-fought struggle by mainly Chicano and Mexicano workers. If the Watsonville strike can […]

The Dam Bursts in Watsonville

2000 Mexicano and Chicano workers take the lead Contributed WATSONVILLE, CA — 2,000 mainly Mexicano frozen food cannery workers from Teamster Local 912 walked out on strike here September 9. Two days later the company obtained an injunction drastically limiting picketing. Two canneries, Richard Shaw, Inc. and Watsonville Canning, had earlier unilaterally imposed lower wages […]

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