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Death to Apartheid! Power to the People!

In solidarity with the black South African workers’ struggle! Amiri Baraka Contributing editor “The black workers in South Africa are the key to the successful completion of the current South African revolution, that is, of reaching the goal of Death to Apartheid!” August 25 marks the turning point in the struggle of the black South African […]

Bringing home the spirit of Nairobi

Jamala Rodgers Africa correspondent NAIROBI, KENYA — The scene: the official UN conference held at the Kenyatta Center here July 15-26 to mark the end of the Decade for Women. • A vote is taken calling for mandatory trade sanctions against racist South Africa. The U.S. delegation casts the lone vote of opposition, amidst thunderous […]

Revolution in South Africa! Power to the African People!

Amiri Baraka Contributing Editor     The struggle to destroy white supremacy and fascism in South Africa is rapidly reaching a full revolutionary explosion. A democratic, revolutionary, anti-imperialist united front, spurred, inspired, catalyzed, by the South African masses, is reaching new heights. It will not be denied, and democratic forces all over the world must support and help secure the just demand […]

Stony Brook Students Stage Anti-Apartheid Sit-in

Dube’s tenure is one of students’ demands Amiri Baraka Contributing editor STONY BROOK, NY — A group of students representing a “united front” of multinational organizations on this campus held a series of rallies and demonstrations culminating in a sit- and sleep-in at the administration building of the State University of New York (SUNY), Stony […]

Filipinos demand right to homes

Tracy Takano, Regional correspondent OTA CAMP, HAWAII — The struggle to defend the resi­dents of Ota Camp/Makibaka Village has become a rallying point for the Filipino (Pilipino) people — Ha­waii’s fastest growing na­tionality. It is a proud chapter in the struggle of Hawaii’s local people for housing, land and politi­cal power. Filipinos were first brought […]

Remove Gibson from Newark Board of Education

Save The Children! COMMENTARY Amiri Baraka and Arthur Henson Contributing editor and Regional correspondent NEWARK — UNITY demands that Daniel Gibson be removed from the Newark Board of Education because of his involvement in the conflict of interest business deals with former Executive Superintendent of Schools Columbus Salley. These two, along with a third partner, obtained a $600,000 bank loan […]

Chicano Studies and the Chicano intellectual

COMMENTARY Contributed A crisis is brewing on the college campuses for Chicano students and faculty, one that threatens the future and direction of Chicano Studies. Over the past two years, I have watched friends rejected for tenure by their departments or universities at campuses like Stanford, and the Uni­versity of California at Santa Barbara, Berkeley and […]

Chicanos fight for representation in Los Angeles

City Council expansion measure on April 9 ballot William Gallegos, Editor LOS ANGELES — With very little fanfare, an important polit­ical campaign has begun here. This campaign — to expand the Los Angeles City Council by two seats — could begin to change the political face of this second largest U.S. city. The issue is City Charter Amend­ment 2, a ballot […]

Women and the fight for Irish independence

Unity Interview Reese Erlich, Editor Women in Action ’85 Belfast Ireland The men and women of Ireland have long fought for the end to British occupation of the north and for a unified Ireland. Sine the 1960’s women have come to play a more active role in the Irish Republican movement.  I interviewed Breige-Ann McCaughley, […]

Only Revolution Will Transform South Africa

Challenges to apartheid reveal contradictions in imperialist bourgeoisie (This is the second part of a two-part article. The first part appears in Amiri Baraka’s book, Daggers and Javelins — ed.) Amiri Baraka Contributing editor The upsurge of protest in the U.S. against racist South Africa and its fascist apartheid regime, comes just after the Reagan election victory. […]

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