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Creative strategies to keep steel jobs in the Monongahela Valley

NEWS ANALYSIS Greg Alpaugh, Contributed PITTSBURGH — Anyone who thinks the economy has ‘’bounced back” from the terrible recession need only spend a few days in the steel districts of Pennsylvania’s Monongahela Valley to learn otherwise. Throughout this once bustling valley, jobless rates hover at about 25°7o in most towns. Giant mills lie rusting and […]

How to Beat Reagan

Written in July, 1984; published in Unity in October, 1984 Read or download

Latino political power and the Democratic Convention

Democrats cannot win without Latinos, and cannot win Latino support unless they defeat Simpson-Mazzoli. William Gallegos Editor In a matter of weeks, the racist Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill has gone from almost certain adoption to possible defeat. Forces that supported (or weakly opposed) the bill now vocally oppose it, including Mondale, Speaker of the House Tip […]

The Need for a Rainbow Agenda

Force the Democrats to negotiate Amiri Baraka Contributing editor The real test of the Jackson campaign must be in its practical use to Black people and the whole multinational working class. That use is not just feel-goodism and cheerleading consciousness raising. (Though for sho’ we need both of those in a desperate way.) The most […]

International Book Fair of Black & Radical & Third World Books

Amiri Baraka Contributing editor The Third International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books held April 1-8 in London, England, was a very important event in terms of the continuing attempt to build an international activist consciousness around a “radical black and third world” agenda. The leading force behind the book fair and indeed in consolidating this […]

Latino immigration raids

Latino workers resist step up in immigration raids Editor The setting is a small cannery in San Jose which makes jelly and peanut butter for sale to restaurants. A Mexicano worker has reported to work and his supervisor asks him if he has immigration papers. The worker says he doesn’t, and the supervisor tells him he can still work in the plant if he’ll pay the […]

Chicanos and Jackson— building unity

Bill Gallegos, Contributing editor The 1980’s is termed the Decade of the Hispanic. In the 1984 elections Chicano and Latino voters, dramati­cally increased by the largest voter registration drive ever launched, are ex­pected to play pivotal roles. As such, Chicanos and Latinos are being courted by politicians of every stripe. Chicanos and Latinos have an […]

Nationalism, Socialism, and Self-Determination

April 20,1984  – UNITY Commentary – A MARXIST-LENINIST VIEW Excerpts from Nationalism, Self-determination and Socialist Revolution The question of Self-Determination is a question of * the extension of all around democracy to all nations; it is not Marxists winking at nationalism. Marxists oppose nationalism, a bourgeois ideology which promotes the privilege, primacy and exclusiveness of the nation. […]

Lanie Poo: Remember Kimako Baraka

UNITY CULTURE SECTION – APRIL 20, 1984 LANIE POO HER LIFE HER DEATH OUR WORLD!!! “Remember Kimako let me tell you about my gentle quiet sister, the dancer, the actress, the black woman, her name was Kimako, something blessed and wonderful.” Kimako Baraka was killed January 31, 1984, in a senseless attack by a man whose madness and brutality […]

Victory in $15 million discrimination suit

Black women in AFSCME win settlement in Chicago Mary Hart, Contributed CHICAGO — More than 700 Black welfare case workers received the first installment from Cook County of a $15 million back pay award from a racial discrimination suit. Since 1973, the Black women fought in court against the dis- criminatory hiring practices of the […]

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