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Baby Jane Doe: Whose rights violated?

NEWS ANALYSIS Disabled people see the case as part of their fight for civil rights Jane Barth, Staff Writer NEW YORK — Last October, a baby girl was born at University Hospital in Stony Brook, Long Island. Baby Jane Doe, whose first name was recently revealed to be Keri Lynn, was born with spina bifida […]

100 years later: Black voting rights still denied in the South

Sarah Carter, Regional correspondent ATLANTA — Throughout the Rev­erend Jesse Jackson’s presidential cam­paign, one theme resounds with great urgency — voting rights. “I am not just fighting for voter registration,” says Jackson, “but for enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. … It is the key to empowering the disenfranchised and that is the key to a […]

Job or family: Court says women must choose

California ruling attacks working women’s rights Deborah Lowe, Staff Writer A new federal court ruling is forcing thousands of California women to make an agonizing decision between children or a job. On March 19, U.S. District Court Judge Manuel Real voided a 1978 California law that guaranteed women their right to return to their previous […]

Latino cannery workers shake up the Teamsters

Mike Johnston Contributed STOCKTON, CA — It is clear at a glance how most of this town’s 170,000 people earn their living. Fields and orchards surround the city, dotted with pesticide and fertilizer plants and huge food processing plants. Stores and restaurants bearing Spanish names line the streets. In the summer, the colorful plastic hard […]

A program for Chicano liberation

The League of Revolutionary Struggle (Marxist-Leninist) is a multinational communist organiza­tion which upholds and fights for the right of self-determination for the Chicano Nation as a key component of its program for Chicano liberation. The League puts forward its program to help advance the struggle for Chicano liberation ,to build unity between the struggle of the […]

Chicano Liberation and 1984

Bill Gallegos, Contributing editor All across the U.S., Chicanos and Latinos are gearing up for the great battle to dump Ronald Reagan in 1984. There is a powerful seething anger burning in Chicano and Latino barrios, which have been devastated by the policies of the Reagan Administration. The empty bellies, over­crowded schools, homeless families and long lines of unemployed which characterize the barrios are a stark reminder that Ronald Reagan’s […]

Commentary – A Marxist-Leninist View – 1984: A decisive year for redress?

John Ota, Staff writer Bills are currently in Congress which would provide for payments to individuals and take other steps towards compensating the 120,000 Nikkei (Japanese Americans) who were thrown into concentration camps in the U.S. during World War II. This fact represents a major achievement for the Nik­kei redress movement. The Congressional sponsors and […]


  Read or Download Amiri Baraka Culture Poetry African American Video: Amiri Baraka reads “Why’s/Wise” at The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy NY, February 21, 2009 (non-Unity video)                

Woman auto worker: “Why I got involved in the fight against GM”

I found out what a really lousy system this is for women. I don’t feel General Motors and this system have the right to keep playing these games with me. Contributed Before I started working outside of the house, raising four kids and an alcoholic husband was more than enough to keep me busy. I […]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Build Chicano-Mexicano Unity!

Contributed Each year, millions of Chicanos and Mexicanos in the U.S. celebrate Cinco de Mayo (May 5) as a national holiday.Cinco de Mayo represents the victory of Mexico over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. At the to the time, Mexico was a poor nation that had just suffered a brutal war […]

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