Unity Newspaper Volume 11 Number 2, January 31

Gov. Kean’s Evil Still Undead

Amiri Baraka Newark, N.J. — New Jersey’s Governor Kean, like his lame duck Presidential misleader, Ronald Reagan, wants to leave the people a monument of his “white supremacy – make-the-rich-richer” ideology when he moves on to other evils. Kean’s once-defeated, now revived (like most recent movie-monster blobs) ‘School Take-Over’ ploy is an attempt to maintain control over rising urban education budgets (Newark […]

New phase in East Los Angeles child care struggle

Chicana workers and community wage three-year struggle. If the union wins, par­ents and children win, too Humbert Camacho, Contributed LOS ANGELES — In a ground-breaking agree­ment, child care workers at the Los Angeles Child Care Development Council (LACCDC) ratified a three- year union contract on Jan­uary 7. It covers the mostly Chicana workers at four […]