Unity Newspaper Volume 7 Number 6, April 6

Victory in $15 million discrimination suit

Black women in AFSCME win settlement in Chicago Mary Hart, Contributed CHICAGO — More than 700 Black welfare case workers received the first installment from Cook County of a $15 million back pay award from a racial discrimination suit. Since 1973, the Black women fought in court against the dis- criminatory hiring practices of the […]

Baby Jane Doe: Whose rights violated?

NEWS ANALYSIS Disabled people see the case as part of their fight for civil rights Jane Barth, Staff Writer NEW YORK — Last October, a baby girl was born at University Hospital in Stony Brook, Long Island. Baby Jane Doe, whose first name was recently revealed to be Keri Lynn, was born with spina bifida […]

100 years later: Black voting rights still denied in the South

Sarah Carter, Regional correspondent ATLANTA — Throughout the Rev­erend Jesse Jackson’s presidential cam­paign, one theme resounds with great urgency — voting rights. “I am not just fighting for voter registration,” says Jackson, “but for enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. … It is the key to empowering the disenfranchised and that is the key to a […]

Job or family: Court says women must choose

California ruling attacks working women’s rights Deborah Lowe, Staff Writer A new federal court ruling is forcing thousands of California women to make an agonizing decision between children or a job. On March 19, U.S. District Court Judge Manuel Real voided a 1978 California law that guaranteed women their right to return to their previous […]