Unity Newspaper Volume 7 Number 7, April 20

Nationalism, Socialism, and Self-Determination

April 20,1984  – UNITY Commentary – A MARXIST-LENINIST VIEW Excerpts from Nationalism, Self-determination and Socialist Revolution The question of Self-Determination is a question of * the extension of all around democracy to all nations; it is not Marxists winking at nationalism. Marxists oppose nationalism, a bourgeois ideology which promotes the privilege, primacy and exclusiveness of the nation. […]

Lanie Poo: Remember Kimako Baraka

UNITY CULTURE SECTION – APRIL 20, 1984 LANIE POO HER LIFE HER DEATH OUR WORLD!!! “Remember Kimako let me tell you about my gentle quiet sister, the dancer, the actress, the black woman, her name was Kimako, something blessed and wonderful.” Kimako Baraka was killed January 31, 1984, in a senseless attack by a man whose madness and brutality […]