Unity Newspaper Volume 8 Number 10, August 16

Bringing home the spirit of Nairobi

Jamala Rodgers Africa correspondent NAIROBI, KENYA — The scene: the official UN conference held at the Kenyatta Center here July 15-26 to mark the end of the Decade for Women. • A vote is taken calling for mandatory trade sanctions against racist South Africa. The U.S. delegation casts the lone vote of opposition, amidst thunderous […]

Revolution in South Africa! Power to the African People!

Amiri Baraka Contributing Editor     The struggle to destroy white supremacy and fascism in South Africa is rapidly reaching a full revolutionary explosion. A democratic, revolutionary, anti-imperialist united front, spurred, inspired, catalyzed, by the South African masses, is reaching new heights. It will not be denied, and democratic forces all over the world must support and help secure the just demand […]