San Francisco CA, 1988

Unity Photo August, 1988 “Pilipino and Asian nurses participated in San Francisco nurses strikes for dignity and quality patient care.” Southwest Asian American Labor Health Care Workers 88- 8A-07 #12A... Read More »

Boston MA, 1987

Unity Photo January 10, 1987 “March against violence against Asians in Boston.  Mostly Cambodian people in march.” 87-1A-06 #1... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1984

Unity Photo Septermber 27, 1984 “Press conference by Hotel & Restaurant Workers Local 2  at the Chinese Progressive Association, San Francisco Chinatown.” Southwest Labor Chinese American Community 84-10A-23 #19A... Read More »

New York City, 1984

Unity Photo July 7, 1984 “Vincent Chin rally and press conference at 40 Center Street (Federal Court Building) in NYC.  Protesting verdict in the trial of two white men Detroit for the racist murder of Chin.” Northeast Anti-Asian Violence Civil... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1984

Unity Photo June 1984 “Jesse Jackson and Mrs. Lily Chin, mother of Vincent Chin.” National Anti-Asian Violence Civil Rights 84-6A-17 #6... Read More »