Los Angeles, 1987

Unity Photo April 1987 “Protesting immigration restrictions. Los Angeles Federal Building.” Southwest Latinx Immigration Community... Read More »

Newark NJ, 1986

Unity Photo April 1986 “Children of University Heights, Newark New Jersey.” Northeast African American Youth Community 86-4A-01 #21A... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1986

Unity Photo February 20, 1982 “National Coalition for Redress and Reparations (NCRR) Rally, Los Angeles CA.” Japanese Americans Redress & Reparations Community 82-3B-05 #4... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1981

Unity Photo October 1981 “Protest of police murder of Ron Settles, Los Angeles football player.” Southwest African American Racist Violence Community 81-11A-04 #10... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1980

Unity Photo August 30, 1980 “Los Angeles – March & rally commemorating 10th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium against the Vietnam War.” Southwest Latinx Community... Read More »

Tule Lake Pilgrimage, 1980

Unity Photo May 1980 “Japanese folk dancing at pilgrimage to Tule Lake – former concentration camp for Japanese Americans during World War II.  Tule Lake, CA.” Southwest Japanese Americans Community 80-5B-24... Read More »