New York City, 1990

Unity Photo: Michael Tsukahara June 20, 1990 “Ticker tape parade welcomes Nelson Mandela to NYC.  First trip to U.S. after release from prison.” National Northeast International Support Anti-Apartheid 90-6A-25 #4... Read More »

New York City, 1990

Unity Photo: Alex Hing February 2, 1990 “NYC – anti apartheid rally – this was the day that Pres. F.W. de Klerk unbanned the ANC + said he would release Nelson Mandela.” Northeast International Support Anti Apartheid 90-2A-19 #11... Read More »

Watsonville CA, 1989

Unity Photo November 18, 1989 “Watsonville, CA – during visit for Cuauhtémoc Cardenas (MExican politian ans masss leader who ran for president in 1988.” Southwest Latinx International Support 89-11B-12 #15... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1988

Unity Photo October 8, 1988 Free South Africa Movement (FSAM) Demonstration, Los Angeles, 1988 Southwest International Support Anti-Apartheid 88-0B-15 #2... Read More »

New York City, 1988

Unity Photo June 11, 1988 “Peace Demo, NYC, on the occasion of the opening of the 3rd UN session on disarmament” Northeast International Anti Nuclear 88-6A-154 #27A/28... Read More »

Concord California, 1987

Unity Photo: Leon Sun September 5, 1987 Jesse Jackson + stepson of Brian Wilson (seriously injured while protesting arms to Central America) at demo against arms shipment.” Southwest Central American Support 87-9A-15 #36... Read More »

San Francisco, 1987

Unity Photo May 4, 1987 “Memorial for Ben Linder, killed by the Contras in Nicaragua.” Southwest Central American Support 87-05A-04 #11... Read More »