Los Angeles CA, 1989

Unity Photo August 5, 1989 “1,000 Japanese Americans & supporters marching in LA Little Tokyo denouncing failure of Federal government to allocate funds for redress. Sponsored by the National Coalition for Redress & Reparations on the 1st anniversary of  Reagan’s... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1986

Unity Photo February 20, 1982 “National Coalition for Redress and Reparations (NCRR) Rally, Los Angeles CA.” Japanese Americans Redress & Reparations Community 82-3B-05 #4... Read More »

Tule Lake Pilgrimage, 1980

Unity Photo May 1980 “Japanese folk dancing at pilgrimage to Tule Lake – former concentration camp for Japanese Americans during World War II.  Tule Lake, CA.” Southwest Japanese Americans Community 80-5B-24... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1979

Unity Photo: Eddie Wong “S.F, CA – struggle to stop the eviction of the tenants living at 1531 Sutter St. in Japanetown.  The day of the eviction itself- right before the police arrived.” Southwest Japanese American Community... Read More »