The Bronx NY, 1988

Unity Photo April 15, 1988 “Get Out The Vote Rally for Jesse Jackson, The Bronx.” Northeast Electoral Jesse Jackson 88-4B-92 #31/32... Read More »

Pittsburgh CA, 1988

Unity Photo March 19, 1988 “Pittsburg, CA rally at Posco plant with Jesse Jackson” Southwest Labor Electoral Jesse Jackson 88-4A-37  #39  ... Read More »

Houston Texas, 1988

Unity photo: Ben Ferris March, 1988 “Precinct Walking for Jesse Jackson – A gathering of campaign workers to hear Jackson speak.” Southwest Electoral Jesse Jackson 88-3A-25 #37... Read More »

Concord California, 1987

Unity Photo: Leon Sun September 5, 1987 Jesse Jackson + stepson of Brian Wilson (seriously injured while protesting arms to Central America) at demo against arms shipment.” Southwest Central American Support 87-9A-15 #36... Read More »