Castlewood, Virginia, 1990

Unity Photo: Mary Ann Heimann week of January 10, 1990/Pittston West Virginia “Castlewood, VA – Region 28 Union Hall – ‘Daughters of Mother Jones’ sending out 9000 thank you letters to supporters of Pittston strikers.” South Women Labor Miners 90-1A-53... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1989

Unity Photo: Jack Ross September 29, 1989 “UFW members and supporters picket Safeway in San Francisco because of their refusal to stop selling non-union table grapes that are laced with pesticides.” Southwest Labor UFW Health 89-9A-92 #43A... Read More »

Winchester, MA, 1988

Unity Photo December 8, 1988 Northeast Latinx Labor “At Wire Belt Co., Puerto Rican workers on strike against racist firing & struggle for a union (under United Food & Commercial Workers).” 88-12A-14 #7A/8... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1988

Unity Photo August, 1988 “Pilipino and Asian nurses participated in San Francisco nurses strikes for dignity and quality patient care.” Southwest Asian American Labor Health Care Workers 88- 8A-07 #12A... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1988

Unity Photo July 20, 1988 “Local 535 (SEIU) on strike.  El Centro Human Services Corporation, Los Angeles 1988.” Southwest Latinx Labor Health Care Workers 88-7B-21 #15A... Read More »