Watsonville CA, 1989

Unity Photo November 26, 1989 “Quake-Aid Benefit in Watsonville, California, featuring Los Lobos, Carlos Santana. ” Southwest Latinx Community 89-11B-36 #11A... Read More »

Watsonville CA, 1989

Unity Photo November 18, 1989 “Watsonville, CA – during visit for Cuauhtémoc Cardenas (MExican politian ans masss leader who ran for president in 1988.” Southwest Latinx International Support 89-11B-12 #15... Read More »

Watsonville CA, 1989

Unity photo October 25th, 1989 “No name given.  Callahan Park in Watsonville, CA where hundreds of people live in tents after the Oct. 17th earthquake.” Southwest Latinx 89-10B-21 #19A... Read More »

East Los Angeles CA, 1989

Unity Photo April 22, 1989 “MEChA 20th Anniversary Conference & Celebration – Lincoln High School, East Los Angeles CA – April 21-22.  Attendance – over 1,000 students/community.  Speakers, workshops, cultural performances, celebration.   ‘El Plan de MEChA’ adopted.  Three decades Chicano... Read More »

Super Barrio at Mexican Consulate, San Jose CA, 1989

Unity Photo February 28, 1989 “On a three week tour of California to highlight immigration abuses.  He is Mexico City super hero who fights eviction.  Identity secret: he is ex-wrestler + currently street vender.” Southwest Latinx Immigration Culture 89-2B-57 #13... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1989

Unity Photo February 24, 1989 “Students at Marshall High School, Los Angeles, CA.” Southwest Latinx Education 89-2B-37 #30A/31... Read More »

Winchester, MA, 1988

Unity Photo December 8, 1988 Northeast Latinx Labor “At Wire Belt Co., Puerto Rican workers on strike against racist firing & struggle for a union (under United Food & Commercial Workers).” 88-12A-14 #7A/8... Read More »