New York City, 1990

Unity Photo: Michael Tsukahara June 20, 1990 “Ticker tape parade welcomes Nelson Mandela to NYC.  First trip to U.S. after release from prison.” National Northeast International Support Anti-Apartheid 90-6A-25 #4... Read More »

Earth Day, St Louis MO, 1990

Unity Photo: Jamala Rogers April 22, 1990 “Members of Youth Council for Positive Development & adult chaperones plant trees as part of the biggest tree planting event in the U.S. on Earth Day.  Over 10,000 trees planted.” Midwest African American... Read More »

Selma Alabama, 1990

Unity Photo March 4, 1990 “Selma Alabama – commemoration of 3/7/65 Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights March (re-enactment of historic march for the right to vote).” South African American Voting Rights Civil Rights... Read More »

Brooklyn NY, 1989

Unity Photo: Michael Tsukahara September 22, 1989 “Police Violence Protest, Brooklyn.  Yusef Hawkins (per Unity Vol 12 #13), 16 year old African American male, beaten and shot August 23rd 1989 by mob of 30 white youths in the mostly white... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1989

Unity Photo September 16, 1989 “Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) member, Mr. Yick Yan, (celebrates) a new American Citizenship at CPA’s 15th Anniversary Celebration.  Mr. Yan was assisted thru CPA’s citizenship classes.” Southwest Chinese Americans Community Civil Rights... Read More »

Los Angeles CA, 1989

Unity Photo August 5, 1989 “1,000 Japanese Americans & supporters marching in LA Little Tokyo denouncing failure of Federal government to allocate funds for redress. Sponsored by the National Coalition for Redress & Reparations on the 1st anniversary of  Reagan’s... Read More »