Hawaii, 1980

Unity Photo May 1980 “Pacific Anti-Nuke Conference, Hawaii.” Land Struggles Anti Nuclear 80-6A-22 #23... Read More »

New York City, 1980

Unity Photo January 14, 1980 “Henry St. tenants – PCPA (Progressive Chinatown People’s Association) rent strike” Northeast Asian American Housing 80-1B-25... Read More »

San Jose CA, 1979

Unity Photo August 25th, 1979 “Youth Getting Together, from San Jose.  August 29th March & Commemoration.” Southwest Latinx Youth Community  ... Read More »

San Jose CA, 1979

Unity Photo August 25th, 1979 August 29th March & Commemoration Southwest Latinx Police Brutality Community 79-9A-12/12A... Read More »

FLOC March, Leipsic OH, 1979

Unity Photo August 25, 1979 “FLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee) march, part of struggle to unionize Midwest tomato & cucumber fields.  Landmark 3-way contracts w/Campbells, Heinz growers, FLOC.  Most FLOC workers migrate from Texas & Florida to Midwest during harvest... Read More »

San Francisco CA, 1979

Unity Photo: Eddie Wong “S.F, CA – struggle to stop the eviction of the tenants living at 1531 Sutter St. in Japanetown.  The day of the eviction itself- right before the police arrived.” Southwest Japanese American Community... Read More »