Selma Alabama, 1990

Unity Photo March 4, 1990 “Selma Alabama – commemoration of 3/7/65 Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights March (re-enactment of historic march for the right to vote).” South African American Voting Rights Civil Rights... Read More »

New York City, 1990

Unity Photo: Alex Hing February 2, 1990 “NYC – anti apartheid rally – this was the day that Pres. F.W. de Klerk unbanned the ANC + said he would release Nelson Mandela.” Northeast International Support Anti Apartheid 90-2A-19 #11... Read More »

Castlewood, Virginia, 1990

Unity Photo: Mary Ann Heimann week of January 10, 1990/Pittston West Virginia “Castlewood, VA – Region 28 Union Hall – ‘Daughters of Mother Jones’ sending out 9000 thank you letters to supporters of Pittston strikers.” South Women Labor Miners 90-1A-53... Read More »

Watsonville CA, 1989

Unity Photo November 18, 1989 “Watsonville, CA – during visit for Cuauhtémoc Cardenas (MExican politian ans masss leader who ran for president in 1988.” Southwest Latinx International Support 89-11B-12 #15... Read More »